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to coach ​Ladislav!

Ladislav Smrtnik

Transformative Coach &

Innate Wellbeing Specialist

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I specialize in helping people conquer ​overwhelming emotions and mental ​challenges, such as insecurity, burnout, stress, ​anxiety, limiting beliefs, and undesired habits.

Unlock your human potential and find peace, ​balance, resilience, and joy in your life.

Your time here is precious. Increase the quality ​of your life and enjoy it in its fullness.


What I Can Do For You

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Overcome overwhealming ​emotional and psychological ​ch​allenges.

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Find Emotional ​Stab​ility

Find the key to peac​e, emotional stability a​nd resilienc​e.

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Living life to the full

Unlock Your ​Human P​otential

Unlock your human ​potential to start living your ​li​fe in fullness.

Why Me

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Deep, Understanding,

Human to Human ​


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Empowering ​Conversations

Simple, Empowering,

and Safe


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Instant, Transformative,

and Lasting


While other coaches and therapists use different ​methods and techniques, crashing on forcing people ​to change their emotions and behavior, my coaching ​is based on simple conversations that go deep into ​the core and hit clients on the subconscious level ​which is the major element in determining our ​perspective, action, and ultimately our outcome.

The results are instant, transformative, and lasting.

Client Feedback

Krisstine B-M.

Ladislav asked me so many questions that I never asked ​myself. Which then led to discovering more about myself. ​Through the coaching sessions, I found myself and had a ​deeper understanding of why I live my life the way I do... it ​was a big surprise to understand my authentic self more.

Daniel F.

I was stuck in a rut, and talking to coach Ladislav got me ​out of it in a 2-hour session, when I would have needed ​weeks if not months on my own. ...Ladislav's coaching has ​had an exceptional impact on my life...

Annie B.

The coaching showed me the way to work with my ​emotions, which helped me not only in my personal but ​also professional life. I manage stress and tense situations ​much better.

Joseph J.

During my coaching sessions, my worries gradually ​dissolved, till I gained self-confidence and I grabbed my ​life into my own hands.

Martin K.

Ladislav is my gift from God...

Kristina M.

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  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you really want in ​your life and what matters to you to live a truly fulfilled life.

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ​success of living your life in fullness and using your full ​potential.

  • Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to ​finally live your life as you are meant to and to make the ​steps that bring you to your awesomeness.


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